Getting Started

Things to help you get organized to start your housing search

Figure out who you want to live with – This is the most important part of the process – if your group does not work cohesively then you will not have a good experience and will end up breaking up and someone must move!

Know your budget – There are other expenses besides rent (utilities; internet; household items including furniture and curtains to toilet paper and cleaners).

What type of place do you want – A full house with a yard, a building with separate units, balconies, large common areas, etc? You need to decide how you want to live as sometimes you have to compromise. There may be a large common area (kitchen & living room) but smaller bedrooms, or it may be the complete opposite with large bedrooms and smaller common areas. Where and how do you study (do you like groups or independent). There are different size rooms – do people pay different amounts? Do you need parking –  Is it on site and what is the cost? How close to campus do you need to be! – Pros and cons: Too close – quick and easy access to and from classes and campus. But you tend to get caught up in doing other things and miss classes by coming home in between. Too far – maybe 10 minute walk or a 5 minute bus ride to Stauffer. Takes a little longer but you get time to clear your head and prepare yourself on the walk, you tend to stay on campus and get more studying and/or socializing done. If it’s raining you take the bus right through campus and don’t have to walk 5 minutes in the rain. Don’t forget that a bus pass is part of your student fees!

Heating – Houses have several different types of heating (forced air gas, water rads, (gas), electric baseboards and radiant heating in your floors). The cost is not a huge difference and windows have more influence. The major difference in the types of heating is how it is controlled. Forced air and water rads are usually on one controller for the whole house. Which means one temperature throughout. Electric baseboard and radiant heaters are controlled individually in each room. This can be more efficient especially if one person likes it hotter or cooler than the others. You can also turn down the temperature in common areas or bedrooms when not being used. i.e. you are going to be at class all day, turn down your room, close the door and when you come back open the door and turn up the heat. It will take 5 minutes to get it back up to normal while you are making dinner!

Water –  Long hot showers will cost you! Think about when you are using water as there are peak times that the rate is higher.

Electricity – Same as water – think about when you are using it! Especially space heaters as they eat up the hydro and will cost you a pretty penny. There are other option and styles which are more efficient. All landlords should have this information readily available for you

Payment Information

ALWAYS DUE THE 1ST OF EACH MONTH – A late fee will be applied to rent payments received after the 5th of the month.

FOR LEASES STARTING  – May 1st your payments will begin April 1st (last month’s rent) through to March 1st the following year (12 payments). This schedule repeats with any renewals.

You can pay via email transfer to or cheque payable to the landlord listed on your lease contract.

If you are paying via cheque, then we require post-dated cheques dated for the 1st of each month. These can be mailed to 730 Chatsworth Place Kingston, ON K7P 2E2.


As per Ontario Laws, you must have liability insurance and we also recommend personal property insurance. Landlord insurance does not cover your personal items or damage caused by a tenant to the property.

Tenants without parents with property in Canada will require tenant insurance and provide proof of coverage. This also applies to tenants who are not full time students.

If you are a full time student and your parents are a home owner in Canada then you should be covered by their insurance policy. The property address just needs to be added to their policy. Be sure to see what their coverage allows and the value!


Living in our house was a great experience. Terri was very responsive and happy to help with any requests we had. The home was in great condition and the location was conveniently close to campus S. Bennett

Clean and recently upgraded unit in a great location. Great communication with staff at all times. An amazing 3 years with no problems. Would highly recommend! S. Kelly