Our Standards

We want to provide a place for you to enjoy your time at Queen’s without having to worry about your living situation. You have other things to focus your time on and your parents want to ensure that you are safe and healthy!

Quality Renovated & New Homes

We have a variety of units and homes that range from newly built, to heritage homes that we have renovated.

When we buy a property, one of the first things we do is invest money into it to make sure it is safe, functional, and where practical, restored to at least some of its original beauty.

With our existing properties, we have an ongoing maintenance schedule, and we are regularly painting and renovating properties to keep them safe and comfortable, and to make sure that everything is working properly.

Responsive Service

When things break, we want them fixed on time – especially when it’s a toilet or sink.

There’s nothing worse than living in a place where all kinds of things don’t function, and the landlord doesn’t care.

Sure, some things can wait till the end of term, like updating a kitchen or repainting a unit, but if your fridge doesn’t work or your toilet is clogged, we’ll handle it immediately.

Integrity & Fair Treatment

We will not string you along. We’ll give you the straight goods when you ask us a question, and our goal is always to be as fair as possible to all parties.

If we say we’ll do something, it will be done. Some things end up taking a little longer than we’d ideally like, but we mean what we say.


The house we rent from Student Village Housing is great for a student house. The house is in good shape, comes with appropriate appliances, and is of reasonable cost. One of the highlights of my experience is how good the company is at helping out their tenants. On multiple occasions, they’ve helped us out with repairing appliances or other household problems, in a very timely manner. Once, they even came out to help us get into the house when the front door was iced shut by a storm. Overall, a really caring landlord and a positive experience. C. Fischer

Terri has been a great landlord for the past 3 years. She is very understanding of the students and will help to accommodate you when moving in/out of the house/apartment rented. Terri responds to emails within the same day and if something needs fixing will have someone in to look at and fix the problem the same day or the next. Having Terri as a landlord has made my student housing experience great as she goes above and beyond. The houses are clean and in good shape. M. Stapleton