Parking available to tenants and non-tenants. All vehicles MUST be pre-registered whether full time of just for a night or two. These lots are monitored, and unregistered vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense.

Cost for parking is $50.00 per month for tenants and $75.00 per month for non-tenants. Special event parking is $20 minimum for up to 24 hours i.e. homecoming, frosh week, moving in or out.


Student village Housing - Parking


P1: 463-471 Johnson St.
7 parking spaces, access off Alfred Street

P2: 410 Brock St.
4 parking spaces, access off Brock Street

P3: 270-272 University Ave.
14 parking spaces, access off University Avenue

P4: 334-340 Brock St.
7 parking spaces, access off Division Street

P5: 325 Johnson St.
6 parking spaces, access off Johnson Street

P6: 482-488 Johnson St.
6 parking spaces, access off Johnson Street

P7: 307 Earl St.
6 parking spaces, access off Earl Street


Student village housing made my undergraduate living experience painless! This company is super reliable and trust worthy and I would 100% recommend them. After my four years at Queen’s and hearing and living through many horrible housing experiences, with SVH you truly do not need to worry. Whenever my housemates and I needed anything we would send Terri a quick email and then next day Howard or Bob was paying us a visit. During the winter months parking lots, walkways and stairs are always clear and salted! In summer the lawn is maintained and trimmed regularly! (A nice bonus is that and all of the staff are extremely pleasant and professional)! M. Brett

Having Terri as a landlord made student living way easier. Any problem or question was addressed promptly and appropriately. Terri is a very understanding landlord that is always willing to listen to any housing situation and find the best solution. All Student Village housing affiliates were pleasant to interact with, from the Maintenance worker to the cleaning lady. Even once you are no longer a tenant of Terri’s, she is always willing to help whether that be from finding & renting a parking spot or trying to find a sublet later on. It was a pleasure being one of Terri’s tenants! N. White-Chatzigeorgiou